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Jill Barrett has known Chip and Joanna Gaines for many years. Their longtime friend wants to set the record straight on the couple who is sometimes the target of leftists.

She describes the Gaines’ as “real” people. They are who they appear to be on their show Fixer Upper. “I’ve known Chip and Joanna a long time and they’re wonderful people,” Jill Barrett told Fox News. “They’re true blue, real deal, very, very authentic,” Barrett said.

Jill and her husband Joshua first met Chip at Baylor University when they were all in college. Their home was featured in Season 2 of Fixer Upper. They have known Chip for so long that they have stories of him opening a coffee shop in college.

They have been with the Gaines’ since the beginning, so they can add a real perspective about the couple. Everyone who follows the Gaines’ should watch the video below and hear Jill talk about them in her own words. I’m so glad to hear this because Chip and Joanna almost seem too good to be true!

What a great couple! Typically, there isn’t a lot of truth in reality TV, but the Gaines break that stereotype.

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Source: Fox News

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