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Who said ALL Hollywood actors are stuck up and don’t care about their fans?

Actor Channing Tatum, star of the movies 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike, and The Hateful Eight decided to show off his dance moves with a fan at a gas station earlier this week, and it was all caught on video!

The full video is six minutes long and gives you a good idea of the fun these two had. Since Tatum uploaded the hilarious video, 12 million people have watched his dance moves! The dancing starts at 3:25!

Channing posted this message under the video: “Nothin better than a little dance party. Thank you, Beatrice s/o Sunoco Racing Logan Lucky #jimmylogansrun.”

I like that Channing is so down the earth and casual, even though he’s famous. He treats everyone the same, like family or an old friend. I love how he makes this seem like just an ordinary day, but he clearly made this woman’s week! 

What a great way to end the week, right? Watching a major star dance with a fan for a few minutes made me so happy!

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