Asuka Relinquishes NXT Women’s Championship – Will Move To Main Roster

Asuka relinquishing her title is not a rumor because the news has been confirmed by WWE officials

After a devastating injury, bad news keeps on coming about Asuka. Due to her severe collarbone injury, Asuka is forced to relinquish her NXT women’s championship.

Official Statement by the WWE

Asuka relinquishing her title is not a rumor because the news has been confirmed by WWE officials. A statement by the WWE was released on their website. This was followed by a Tweet on the NXT Twitter page.

The WWE also made the following statement:

“NXT Women’s Champion Asuka relinquished her title to NXT General Manager William Regal tonight at Full Sail University in Orlando, Fla. After her dominant performance and historic 500-plus day reign as NXT Women’s Champion, The Empress of Tomorrow looks to her future for new opportunities in WWE, though no specific details are known at this time. Her reign will officially end on the date that her historic announcement airs.”

Continuing Her Undefeated Reign

Despite losing the title, Asuka technically stays undefeated! This is not a bad thing because I was wondering how the WWE was going to upgrade Asuka to the main roster without her losing the title. Unfortunately for Asuka, an injury is providing a solution.

Which Brand Could Asuka Go To?

If the WWE is intending on upgrading Asuka to the main roster – which is a rumor at this point – one can only speculate where she will end up. While it is more likely she will go to SmackDown like other NXT upgrades, her undefeated reign could see her on RAW.

Let us take a closer look at the two brands and the benefits she could deliver.

Asuka on RAW?

The RAW division is not using its talent as they should, so putting Asuka in RAW could pose a lot of problems. The problem? The focus would be put on Asuka, with what I predict a rivalry with Alexa Bliss. The result? All the other women on the roster forgotten since RAW refuses to use their full roster properly.

Could Asuka benefit the RAW brand? When it comes to ratings, undoubtedly. Merchandise sales? Definitely! However, what would it do to the women’s division that is already extremely fragmented?

Asuka on SmackDown?

asuka undefeated

Since SmackDown Live is using their women’s roster a whole lot better than RAW, SmackDown Live has my personal preference. There are also many possible matches I would be dying to see; this includes Asuka vs. Charlotte and Asuka Vs. Naomi.

So, is SmackDown Live the better brand to put Asuka in? Could the women’s roster withstand a long reign for the current undefeated Asuka? I think it can! The roster is filled with talented women, but also women who still need some time to grow. In my opinion, the perfect spot for someone like Asuka.

Do you think the WWE is planning to put Asuka on the main roster since she now relinquished her title? Which brand would you prefer to see her on? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below! We look forward to reading them all!


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