First Gabe, Now Another ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Member Leaving The Show!

Alaskan Bush People Season 8

The Brown Family is having a rocky 2017. As detailed on Alaskan Bush People, the family left Brown Town and Ami has advanced lung cancer. But, there may be a glimmer of hope as this strong family faces enormous changes and obstacles.

Son Noah doesn’t appear to be filming Alaskan Bush People currently. He’s actually not with the family in Colorado right now. The Facebook group “Alaskan Bush People Exposed” reports that Noah is in San Diego with his girlfriend Rhain, as noted by Inquistr.

There was a picture posted of Noah and Rhain with a caption that read, “Noah is not with the family filming in Colorado this season.” Apparently, comments were made that Rhain looks pregnant. This could explain Noah’s absence.

“Look at the pic folks. Blow it up. Look at old pics. Blow it up. [Rhain] is pregnant. That’s why the hurry up marriage. I wish them the best, but [Rhain] set out to bag a Brown and a Brown she got,” the Facebook user wrote.

The page manager replied that Rhain looks chunky and may not be pregnant. But, this picture and the couple’s absence from the show sure are fueling rumors.

In Wednesday night’s episode, the remainder of the Brown family officially said goodbye to Brown Town. You can see an emotional video of that below.

As the Browns deal with so many changes, most importantly Ami’s fight for her life, a new baby might be some very welcome news. Whatever is the case, the Browns sure could use our prayers.

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Source: Inquistr