We all have those times where we are low on money and wish we could find ways to have more of it. Sure, we could get a second job but some do not have the free time to get a job that will really amount to much cash in the pocket. There are so many ways to cuts the costs of everyday living that many people do not think of. Most of the tips below are quite easy to do and really do not hurt all that much when restraining the spending a bit. Some of the tips are so easy to follow and can save you a huge amount of money over time.  This one couple saved over a $1,000  by saving change and dollar bills.   Here are 10 more money saving tips.

Turn Off the Lights When You Leave a Room

Pretty sure we have all heard this at some point in our lives. The truth is, we should be turning off the lights and other electronics when we leave a room. Lighting does cost a few pretty pennies. The older incandescent bulbs tend to throw more heat than they do light. One 60-watt lightbulb used for about 8 hours per day will use about $26 per years. Keep in mind this is just one lightbulb. The new LED bulb will cost about $4 per year. Although some of the bulbs can be higher priced, you make your money back in just a few months.

For example, A laptop will probably only use about $8 of electricity per year. Every little bit counts so although you will not be saving thousands of dollars, turn them off!

Appliances that are older are huge energy monsters. The older machines that were top-loading use about $200 of electricity per year. The new front-loading machines only use about $100 of electricity per year. Using older appliances will send your energy bill through the roof. LED bulbs never burn out either!

Group all the Errands Together

Buying gasoline for your vehicle will certainly add up fast. Of course, there will still be insurance and repairs to be made. But, there are certainly ways to save on the fuel. When running errands, make sure you do them all at the same time. Do not make unnecessary trips when you do not have to.

Keep your car tuned up so that it does not go through more fuel than it should. The air pressure should also be at the right psi in your tires. Tires that do not have the right air pressure will also make your automobile burn more fuel.

The Coffee Shop is Drinking Your Pay

Do you have a habit of stopping on the way into work and getting that cup of coffee and a bagel? Have you ever added up how much this little jaunt costs for a whole month? Now, we are not saying that you must give up coffee. MedicalNewsToday.com reported that a cup of coffee can be good for you. Here’s the breakdown on cost:

  • The average cup of coffee brewed at home costs about .55. The cost will be a little higher if you purchase a higher priced coffee and creamer.
  • The average cup of coffee purchased at the coffee shop will cost over $1. And, this is not adding in the bagel or donut that you may decide to purchase at the last minute.

Cut the Cord

Cutting the cord is what those who have done away with the high-priced cable bills. The average cable bill is a bit over $100 per month. Consumers in the US pay over $600 for six months to watch television.

Those who did not want to pay the high price of cable found other ways to be able to watch television. There are streaming services that allow people to watch movies on the computer and other electronics. A quick search on Google will bring up many streaming services that are free and paid. The difference between free and paid services in most cases is the paid version has no commercials. “Even paying over a $100 a month, we still had to watch the commercials.”, states John a cord cutter.

Take Advantage of Customer Rewards

The easiest way to do this is to set up a separate free email account and then join all of the store loyalty programs that you can. Most stores offer special perks for those who shop at the establishment. Before you go shopping make sure you check the emails for any special coupons. Consumers save on gas, food, and more. Some stores offer cash back on points that have been accrued.

Step Back and Think

If you are serious about saving your money it is a clever idea to wait and think about the purchase. Yes, instant gratification can feel good now but in the end, you may regret it. If you see something that you really think you must have do not purchase it. Instead, wait a couple of weeks and see how you feel. Chances are you may find yourself wondering how you thought you needed the item so bad.

Plan Meals

Most of us are guilty of stopping at that fast food chain and grabbing a quick bite to eat. The problem is when we are doing this at least once a week. Tip: go through your local stores sales flyers and plan your meals according to what is on sale. Keep track of what you spend per month on food and you will be surprised at the savings. This is where your store perks will come in handy.

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Buying Used

Are you one of those people who hates to spend money buying new clothing because of the prices? This is where secondhand and consignment shops come to the rescue. Those brand name clothes that you spend top dollar for can be purchased at a secondhand store for a fraction of the cost. A $40 pair of jeans can be purchased for under $5 if you search.

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Declutter Your Home

If you have closets full of clothes you do not wear sell them at the consignment shop. Selling unused clothing can earn you a nice little chunk of change. The same holds true for video games, CDs, and many other electronics.

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Your Debt as Seen

Create a graph of your spending and savings and hang it where you will see it most of the time. Having something that you can visually see will make it easier for you to see and appreciate. That graph hanging on your fridge will make you happy when you see how well you are doing daily. This is a great incentive for you to keep saving and cutting back.

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