One of the more bizarre outcomes from the Battleground PPV was Kevin Owens “pinning AJ Styles to win back the United States Championship. Both men were trading cross-face submission holds when Owens rolled back and appeared to pin Styles while in the hold. The refreee, who had previously been knocked out by Owens, counted the pin. However, the camera seemed to show Styles opposite shoulder up. This view was blocked from the ref by Owens. Controversy ensued.

Styles ending

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As for if this was “planned” Dave Meltzer says it was not. Meltzer went on to say that it was the plan for Styles to win, but he didn’t know if the decision changed in the ring or just before the match. It is weird that Meltzer would know the original finish but then not know why it was changed. It is possible that this is all part of the storyline.

Here’s how WWE is playing up the controversy in their preview for Smackdown Live.

WWE Battleground had more than its share of controversy, including the United States Championship battle between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. In managing to reverse a submission hold by The Phenomenal One, KO scored a surprise three-count to reclaim his title and, perhaps, the right to once again call himself The New Face of America.

They Know We Know

If it wasn’t then, it definitely is now. WWE tends to play into the controversy that comes from wonky matches. Often times they’ll play off these “mistakes” as intentional. Personally, I love this. It adds to the intrigue. It keeps us fans on our toes. We think we know, but we have no idea.

I love this stuff.  It plays with the reality of wrestling. WWE knows that we pay attention and read rumors. They know we know it is a performance, but they still work hard to manipulate us.

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