Misplaced Focus on Jinder Mahal Endangers Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles

One of the main things I have noticed - and noticed by others as well - is that Jinder Mahal's push is endangering some WWE Superstars.

Even though SmackDown is still superior to RAW, in my opinion, there some things that bother me at the moment. One of the main things I have noticed – and noticed by others as well – is that Jinder Mahal’s push is endangering some WWE Superstars.

For the Indian Market

I have no problems with the WWE trying to get a strong presence in the Indian wrestling market. However, I do have a problem with pushing someone and neglecting some other major superstars.

The two biggest names on SmackDown that are genuinely suffering from this Indian market push are Shinsuke Nakamura and AJ Styles. While the focus has been solely on Orton and Mahal, Styles and Nakamura have been doing filler matches.

Ignoring the European and American Market

Despite the story-line with Orton and Mahal, it seems like the WWE have forgotten about their European and American fan base. A good example, aside from failing to push Styles and Nakamura, is the UK Championship.

Yes, there has been a tournament, but it was so badly advertised hardly anyone knew it was going on at all. When the UK wrestlers appeared for a quick promo on main WWE TV, the audience simply did not know how to react or simply didn’t know who the people on the stage were.

Stuck in the Midcard

For now, AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura are held in the mid-card area. This is an outrage, considering how many times both Styles and Nakamura have proven themselves to the WWE.

The WWE had numerous chances to use Styles and Nakamura better, especially during events such as the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania this year. Nakamura did not get his debut until a normal SmackDown episode, while Styles was stuck fighting Shane McMahon in one of the most senseless rivalries Still, despite being booked poorly, both stars made the most of it and left a lasting impression with the WWE Universe.

Fan Interest Fading Quickly

Despite giving many new stars a chance in the “land of opportunity”, there are some serious problems that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. SmackDown ratings have shown that fan interest in SmackDown is fading quickly, which could be explained by boring rivalries such as Dolph Ziggler vs. Nakamura. The potential is there, but they aren’t using it.

Of course, there are also some talented people who are almost forgotten completely. Despite being the “land of opportunity”, the WWE has failed to use American Alpha and Ty Dillinger to their max potential. Instead, these stars are stuck with poor bookings or another day at catering.


It seems like the WWE is not listening to what fans want at all. They are so focused on pushing Mahal, with Orton being the patriotic side-note. Fans deserve more than this boring title rivalry. WWE forgets about the superstars who can draw in the crowd.

What do you think about the situation at SmackDown? Are you still interested? Or does something need to change?


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