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Leaving children in a hot car is no laughing matter. The unaccompanied kids can roast as a sealed up car can quickly turn into an oven. Anyone with half a brain can figure this out, but occasionally there are parents who either don’t understand this or don’t care. These parents need to be taught a lesson before their children are harmed by their stupid and callous decision.

A Vancouver mom who left her 3 and 6-year-old children in a hot car while she went grocery shopping was greeted by an angry police officer when she finally returned to her children. The cop let her have it. He didn’t care who was listening or videoing. He was just worried about the kids of this dumb woman.

The children were in distress in the car. Emergency squads had been called. This was a very serious situation that the mother attempted to dismiss. It’s simply horrifying to think of what could have happened if the kids were in that car a little bit longer.

The police officer was upset that she wasn’t taking any accountability for the harm she inflicted on her children. In the video below, you can hear him putting her in her place. Good for him. This mother seems to have a screw loose. She needed every word of this. Let’s hope it got through her thick skull and this doesn’t happen again.

Canadians are known for being rather mild-mannered and polite. You know this was serious when the officer got this angry in public. The only place Canadians are known to lose their temper is on a hockey rink. This woman pushed this cop’s buttons and he should be applauded for scolding her. Hopefully, the mom learned a lesson and the kids remain safe! Kids and pets don’t belong in hot cars!

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