Could Intergender Wrestling Return to the WWE?

It is no secret that the WWE has been shying away from intergender matches since the start of the PG-era, for obvious reasons. However, with the women’s revolution and a bid to reach gender equality, it seems like both fans and wrestlers would like to see intergender matches back!

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The Intergender Matches of the Past

There have been some intergender matches throughout the years, the majority taking place during the attitude era. Some of the women who had intergender matches include Chyna, Lita, Beth Phoenix, Jacqueline, and even Stephanie McMahon.

Afraid of Violence Against Women

One of the main reasons why the WWE is shying away from intergender matches on the main roster is the appearance of violence against women, which is a volatile subject at best.


The WWE has been experimenting with the intergender theme, although it is less brutal than in the days of the Attitude Era. Just remember the match between Chyna and Chris Jericho, or Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon.

Opposed to the brutal matches that used to take place in the WWE between men and women, the WWE has been experimenting with intergender matches in NXT. However, this usually involves women hitting men, not the other way round. So, this does not feel like a true intergender match.

The real question is: can the WWE provide the intergender matches the WWE Universe really wants to see?

The Most Memorable Intergender Matches

To whet your appetite for a possible return of intergender matches, here is our overview of some of the most memorable intergender matches.

Sable Versus Marc Mero

One of the matches that sticks in my mind the most is the intergender match between Marc Mero and Sable. The rivalry between the former married couple ended with Sable power-bombing Marc Mero during a match.

Stephanie McMahon Versus Vince McMahon

This was undoubtedly one of the most awkward story-lines in WWE history, but it was a prime example of how intergender matches should be. Vince did not hold back on Stephanie, opposed to the PG-rated intergender matches we are currently getting.

Chyna Versus Chris Jericho

One of the most physical rivalries between a man and a woman within the WWE can undoubtedly be attributed to Chris Jericho versus Chyna.

Nothing was off the table during the rivalry between Chris Jericho and Chyna. There were cheap shots, torture scenes, and a whole bunch more. In my opinion, the matches between Chyna and Chris Jericho signified what I want to see from intergender matches. Unfortunately, I don’t believe we are ever going to see this type of match again, unless women are truly considered as equal in the WWE.


I don’t believe we are going to see true intergender matches anytime soon, but it is heading in the right direction. If there is a way for the WWE to finally step away from the PG-era, there might be some hope for genuine intergender matches in the future.

What do you think about intergender matches? Do they belong in the past, or would you like to seem them in the WWE in this era? Let us know in the comment section below!