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It’s being reported the Brown family from Alaskan Bush People has left Alaska. This says a lot about the family’s upcoming plans to move to the continental United States and focus on Ami’s health as she battles lung cancer.

The Facebook group Alaskan Bush People ~ Local View is run by someone who was neighbor of the Browns. She and her neighbors keep tabs on the Browns and pass the information on to fans of the show.

She is reporting the family’s boat left Alaska for Seattle, where it is dry docked. The family apparently had plans to ship the boat to them in Colorado. But, according to The Inquistr, the owner of the Facebook group made phone calls and confirmed the boat was actually sold.

This points to the fact that the Browns are likely not returning to Browntown as they relied on that boat greatly to travel and for income.

A video of Billy seeing The Integrity for the first time is below.


This is an incredibly emotional time for the Brown family as they shift their focus to Ami’s health. That is their priority so right now, a boat isn’t of too much concern.

If you would like to send Ami some encouraging words, information on doing that can be found here.

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Source: Inquistr

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