Everyone knows I’m not a fan of Dolph Ziggler and his treatment of women. Still, he’s an okay wrestler and does loads of work for charity. Today, I came across a story with a massive fallout, again relating to Ziggler’s treatment of women. Here’s the story.

Date Cancelled

Dolph Ziggler canceled a date he set up with a YouTube Personality Trisha Paytas. After he canceled the date, Trisha vented on YouTube, which is her right. Of course, it is not something we all do and I think she mainly did it to get followers. Still, mission successful for Trisha!


Honestly, I would not want to come over to the audience the way she did. I don’t understand why it is cool to tell people you were drunk or doing drugs? I also don’t understand why it is necessary to swear in every sentence coming out of your mouth?

Fallout for Trisha


Even though I don’t follow Trisha and don’t like her “look at me” personality, the fallout from her YouTube rant have gotten a little out of hand! Trisha received countless tweets from Dolph Ziggler fans, some of which were quite harsh.

Trisha retaliated by calling out all WWE fans, which she thinks suck. She made a bunch more statements, which includes wrestling is fake and Dolph Ziggler does not care. Naturally, this has put even more fuel on the fire.

My Opinion

Trisha Paytas

I don’t like Ziggler, nor his treatment of women. Just think about the Nikki Bella incidents and other things that happened. Just by looking at the girl he chose to go out with, you can already tell what kind of a man Ziggler is. Offense meant!

Because of the large fallout, it is something I have to write about. Still, I honestly do not care about Ziggler or what he does in his private life. I do feel bad for Trisha, who was just a YouTube personality venting about a guy who canceled on her. Death threats are taking it too far. Doesn’t she have the right to vent? No matter how she looks or comes across, she is still a woman entitled to her opinion!

One thing I will say about this, she did generalize WWE Fans and put them all in the evil category.  Still, I don’t really care what she thinks and it is not worth spending more time on than this article.


Trisha Paytas

The best thing for us to do is just stay off her social media pages and YouTube. She’s getting massive exposure right now and for what? Because she almost went on a date with Dolph Ziggler? Because she insulted wrestling fans? Who cares, she’s not famous?! She just thinks she is, end of story!

What do you think about this story? Is it really worth all this effort? Is this girl worth all the effort? Or is Ziggler worth the effort for that matter? Let us know in the comment section below!

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