It may not be the same as RoboCop, but there is a robotic cop joining the police force in Dubai!

The idea of a robot police officer may sound a little crazy, but when you look further, it’s a great idea. It allows human cops to deal with the serious crime while the robot handles more minor offenses. This brand new robot cop has a touch screen that allows people to report crimes as well as inquire about speeding tickets.

Take a look at it in action:

They’re right in that a “cop” like this can work without needing rest and nobody will ever have to worry if a robot is going with emotion over reason unless the programmer has injected his own emotion into the robot cop, but there are likely safeguards to prevent this.

It’s a first step, but a big one. As time goes on, technology will allow for these robots to actually prevent crime by being able to “walk” beats in cities at times when other cops don’t.

Do you agree with the use of robot cops in this kind of context?

Whether you do or not, share it with others and see what they think. There will likely be different viewpoints.

Source: Telegraph