The Top 5 Costliest Cities in the World; None of Them in the US

While most people believe that the most expensive city to live in might be New York or San Francisco, it turns out that these cities are not even close to the most expensive cities in the world! Read on to discover the top 5 most expensive countries to live in!

5. Osaka (Japan)

The fifth most expensive city to live in is currently Osaka in Japan. Osaka is one of the largest port cities in the world and is known for its modern architecture, bustling nightlife and delicious street foods. It is also the home of the 16th century shogunate Osaka Castle, the main historical landmark of the city.

4. Tokyo (Japan)

Japan appears in this list twice, because Tokyo has been determined as the fourth most expensive city to live in. Even though it is a popular tourist city, it is probably a bad idea to move there permanently.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, known for its blend of ultra-modern and traditional. The city is stamped with neon-lit skyscrapers, but also by historic temples which give this city a unique look.

3. Zurich (Switzerland)

If you want to benefit from the tax benefits in Switzerland and intent to move to Zurich, you might want to think again! Zurich has been named as the third most expensive city this year, so you might be spending more than you’re saving.

Zurich is considered the global melting pot for banking and finance. It is characterized by picturesque lanes running through the city’s old town – better known under the name Altstadt. Tourists will also notice many pre-medieval history in Zurich. So, even if you don’t want to move there, you might want to consider a trip for the historic sights.

2. Hong Kong (China – Special Administrative Region)

The second most expensive city at the moment is Hong Kong, which is currently considered an autonomous territory; this means that the city does not fall under the legislation of China and that it is considered as a country on its own.

Hong Kong is known for its densely populated areas and its function as a global financial hub. The city is filled with skyscrapers as well as architectural landmarks such as the Bank of China Tower.

1. Singapore (Singapore)

One can see a clear trend throughout the most expensive cities, because four out of five are situated in Asia! The city that has conquered the number one spot in this overview is Singapore, a city-state situated in Malaysia.

Singapore is known for colonial core centers, a tropical climate and a multicultural population. The city is also the home of 1820’s Chinatown, which contains the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. According to legend, the Buddha Relic Temple holds one of Buddha’s teeth. Therefore, a great tourist location, but not as much to live if you want to save some dollars.


Asia seems to conquer a lot of the top spots in our overview of most expensive cities to live in. It is not a real surprise though, considering how much effect Asia has on the global economy. Still, if you want to hop on the bandwagon and benefit from their success, you may have to live in a more expensive city.


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