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Ted Nugent Eviscerates Liberals, Tells Them To “Grow Some Titanium Balls”

London [1] was hit with another terrorist attack over the weekend. While the left will cling to politically correct talking points out of concern of offending Muslims, Ted Nugent [2] just laid out what needs to be done instead.

Nugent is tired of the political talking class. Coddling terrorists isn’t going to help this situation. Only a tough approach will work. His Facebook post is completely on point!

It pisses me off no end to have to listen to disconnected soulless politically correct representatives of varoius…

Posted by Ted Nugent [3] on Saturday, June 3, 2017 [4]

President Trump will hopefully take Nugent’s [5] advice to heart. He had the rocker to the White House several weeks ago, along with Kid Rock and Sarah Palin. You can see video of that below.


Ted’s [6] completely right! We cannot be sheep against people who want to kill us. We have to fight back. The left’s politically correct bullsh*t isn’t working. It’s time for common sense and fire power!

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