The Smackdown Women’s Division got a MAJOR shake-up last night. The division took a big leap forward and then, in some eyes, took one backward. Here’s what happened.

The Briefcase

After last week’s historic announcement that there will be a women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, the ladies of Smackdown squared off in a six-woman tag. Shane kicked off the show by debuting the brand-new ladies MITB briefcase!

At least one of the ladies LOVED IT!

Lana Debuts and makes Demands

During the segment, Lana finally debuted on Smackdown Live. The Ravishing Russian immediately demanded to be put into the MITB match.

The ladies of Smackdown were less than impressed:

After Lana was not given her shot, she stormed off in a huff.

Then later on in the six-woman tag, Lana interfered and cost Naomi and her team the match:

This infuriated Naomi SO much that she then demanded she faces Lana at Money in the Bank with the title on the line.


Lana was told she hadn’t done anything to merit either a match with Namoi or even a chance to wrestle for the briefcase. But all that needed to happen was for her to get under Namoi’s skin and have the Champion demand a match with her. I understand this is a classic babyface tactic (“I will defend my belt”) but that doesn’t make this any less dumb.

Lana has wrestled ONCE on television. However, she has wrestled extensively on NXT House Shows.

Fans are less than pleased about Lana immediately getting a shot at the belt:

This fan has a good point

What do you think? Does Lana deserve a title shot? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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