Judy Malinowksi

Judy Malinowski suffered for two long years after her boyfriend doused her in gasoline and set her on fire. Before she died, she took action to help other women of domestic abuse.

From her hospital bed and with the help of her daughters, Judy petitioned Ohio legislators. Now, Judy’s Law is making it’s way towards becoming law.

The law would significantly increased penalties when an accelerant is used in an attack or the victim is permanently disfigured. Because Judy was still alive when her ex-boyfriend was sentenced, he only got 11 years for setting her on fire. More information on Judy’s Law is in the video below.

Michael Slager got the maximum penalty at the time for his vicious crime . But, now that Judy is died, he can be tried for murder as well. Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien has confirmed that his office is now taking steps towards bringing Slager towards more appropriate justice.

Judy wanted her voice to be heard in the event that Slager was tried for her murder. She recorded a sealed deposition in January that could be used against Slager in a murder trial.

Malinowski, who was a beauty queen, endured 59 surgeries after the attack. The pain she and her children endured because of Slager’s actions is unimaginable. “I never knew that a human being could be so evil. He just stood there and did nothing. The look in his eyes was pure evil,” she said.

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