John Pinette Cake

Dieting can be a real struggle. Anyone who has had to put down their dessert fork for a piece of broccoli can understand how hard it can be. There are temptations everywhere you turn.

John Pinette understood this struggle all too well. The comedian often used his weight and weight loss in his comedy routines. There’s so much humor in real life.

In the video below, Pinette explains the challenges of having a Stone Cold Creamery next to a Weight Watchers. It’s like going to confession after committing a sin. He also has a plan to buy Weight Watchers points on the black market. He also details the struggles many of us have with cake.

If you need a good laugh, this video will be your cure!

Isn’t that the truth? When I give in and eat something I shouldn’t, I always feel guilty about 10 minutes later. Of course moderation is the key, but where’s the humor in that?

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