By my own admission, I am not Martha Stewart. My home is not well organized and dust collects at times. But, whenever I am feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of housework, seeing a hoarder’s house brings it into perspective.

Hoarding is hard not just for the hoarder, but for the entire family. It’s a physical nightmare to be surrounded by such stuff, but there is a lot of emotional turmoil that causes the hoarding.

The video below shows a family and a biohazard crew emptying the hoarder mother’s home. The woman passed away five months prior and the family and the home is finally being emptied. It is a nightmare scenario as they sift through the wasteland of the home in hazmat suits and the children recognize their mother was more attached to “crap” than to them.

I do feel like Martha Stewart after watching that! I will never complain about junk mail being on the counter again! How did they even walk around? It’s amazing to think anyone could live like that and continue accumulating things. Hopefully this family gets the help they need to cope with the loss of their mother.

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