Dolly Parton will share the origin stories to her most popular songs a new Netflix series "Heartstrings" which debuts November 22nd.

Dolly Parton is beloved by people throughout the world. Her sugary sweet Southern personality endears her to so many people. She also has a figure that doesn’t stop even in her 70s.

Her waist is particularly tiny. This helps accentuate her other attributes. But, it’s really hard for performers to keep their waistline in check while performing. They typically have their microphone pack on their waist, but not Dolly!

While in the UK, Graham Norton asked Dolly where she keeps her microphone pack. She has a simple solution for this battle. She keeps it in a compartment in her wig!

“Dolly Parton is so tiny, and so proud of her tiny waist, that she has a little pocket built into all her wigs for her microphone pack, so that her waist can stay as tiny as possible,” Norton said. “She must have microwaved bits of her brain, but that is more important.”

Well, that is a unique option to carrying it on her waist! I can understand why she is proud of her figure!

You can see Dolly with her hidden microphone pack in the video below that shows her singing “Jolene” in 2014.

Whatever she is doing, it works well for her! She looks great and she sounds terrific! Keep it up, Dolly!

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Source: Country Living

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