Detroit Lions DE Proves That Football Players Can Be Financially Sensible!

When you think of football players, you often think about lavish spending! Of course, this is not the plan of all football players today, because Lions DE proves that a football player can be financially sensible and responsible. Curious why? Read the article below to find out!

Getting an Off-Season Job

Brandon Copeland does not sit at home during the off-season, because he decided to get an additional job as a spring analyst on Wall Street. During this time, he also trains to get accepted into the Detroit Lions again for the third season in a row.

The reason why Brandon got an off-season job is because he wants to be prepared for a career after football. This is a great thing, because many football players find themselves out of a career once they encounter injury or when it is time to retire!

Learning the Financial Trade

Copeland is learning the financial industry by assisting a trader in the IPO and valuation division of the company, developing strategies that will help shape how they pitch investors and decide on Together with Darnowski, he is creating strategies for investor pitches. He also determines which prices will be used to start investing.

Darnowski said the following about his cooperation with Copeland.

“He’s part of the process and he works for our firm and with me because he contributes to the process and makes our team better.”

“This isn’t, ‘Oh, let’s help out Brandon and teach him some stuff and give him some work to do.’ He’s doing work and adding to our process here. But the flip side of that is like anybody who is very new and green and learning the business, their contribution is going to be relatively small, but it is material. He’s part of the team.”


Many people wonder if it is a smart idea to combine this many trades, because of the jack-off-all-trades master-at-none phenomenon. Still, in this day and age, young people have to do what they can to make a success of themselves. You might be a football player now, but being a football player is not necessarily the safest career path.

Being a football players earns well, so most people would happily retire on their salary for the rest of their lives. Still, when you are a football player, you get accustomed to a certain lifestyle and you will probably do anything to keep that lifestyle maintained. This is where Copeland has made the right decision to be versatile and learn a new skill which he can apply after his football career.

Of course, football is not the only sports known to have players who spend lavishly and who end up in financial difficulties later. So, Copeland has set a good example for more than one athlete.


Learning the financial trade is challenging, but it is certainly a good alternative career for Copeland once he quits football. Being a professional sports player sometimes means gambling with your future, especially if you do not have another trade to fall back on. Fortunately, Copeland now sets a good example for other athletes who haven’t got a future planned after football.


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