Texas Shootout Bounty Hunters

The last thing anybody expects when buying a car is a shoot out to take place. That’s exactly what happened at a Texas car dealership when two bounty hunters cornered a fugitive on the run.

Bounty hunters Fidel Garcia Jr. and Gabriel Bernal were waiting at the Nissan in Greenville, TX to apprehend their fugitive, Ramon Michael Hutchinson. According to the dealership owner, the Garcia and Bernal waited outside for several hours. At just past 7 pm, the bounty hunters confronted Hutchinson who was inside a glass office.

The video, taken by a dealership employee shows the bounty hunters approaching the office and then pointing their firearms at Hutchinson who is seen reaching for his own gun. There is a struggle and then shots ring out.


Sadly, this story does not have a happy ending. Hutchinson and the two bounty hunters, Garcia and Bernal all died at the scene from gunshot wounds. Apparently, Hutchinson initially dropped his gun, but was able to retrieve it. All three then proceeded to exchange fire. Thankfully, nobody else was injured!

A former police officer with 25 years of experience said Garcia and Bernal handled the situation all wrong and that it’s a reason why law enforcement officers don’t like bounty hunters as they are often not trained in proper techniques.




Share this with others as a cautionary tale! It’s a miracle nobody else was shot with bullets flying and all those other people around!

Source: Bearing Arms