America's Got Talent plane crash

Kechi Okwuechi has gone from being one of only two people to survive a 2005 plane crash to winning the heart of Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent. 107 people died, including 60 of her classmates.

She endured over 100 surgeries to survive. Singing helped her get through her recovery. “Lying in the hospital bed unable to move, music was my escape. It did so much for me,” she told the judges.

The judges really didn’t seem to know what to expect, but their concerns were immediately put to rest when Kechi started seeing. The reactions from the judges was just priceless. She even got a standing ovation from Simon Cowell.

The performance airs tonight, but America’s Got Talent leaked the video below because it’s too good not to share it early!

Wow! She has an amazing voice and a story. She has a drive to survive and win! After the plane crash, Kechi went to college where she graduated with honors. With all she has been able to overcome, expect her to be a serious contender this season!

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