Airport Mistletoe

A funny joke about mistletoe at the airport.

I love Christmas. The decorations, the music, the presents. It’s all great, except for maybe this one thing:

Airport Mistletoe

It was the beginning of December.

Their trip had gone reasonably well, and the family, ready to return home, had arrived at the airport.

O’Hare airport, long known for it’s winter-weather flight delays and cancellations, long security-check lines, and lost luggage, had turned a tacky red and green, and loudspeakers blared annoying elevator renditions of cherished Christmas carols.

Going to check in their luggage they noticed hanging mistletoe over the weigh in-scale.

Not real mistletoe, but very cheap plastic with red paint on some of the rounder parts and green paint on some of the flatter and “pointier” parts.

The little boy in the family piped up and said, “Why is that mistletoe hanging up there?”

Without missing a beat, the father replies, “Well, my guess is so you can kiss your luggage goodbye.”

I really, really hate losing my luggage at the airport. And mistletoe sure doesn’t make it better!

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