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A Brief Conversation With WWE Artist-in-Residence Rob Schamberger

I had a chance to chat with official WWE “Artist-in-Residence” Rob Schamberger [1] at Awesome Con in Washington, DC. The Kansas City-based painter has become well-known in wrestling circles for his artwork depicting WWE Superstars and Legends. He had a booth where he was selling prints of several of his well-known works and was working on an unfinished painting feature John Cena and AJ Styles.

How he got into wrestling

His love of wrestling started during the Attitude Era. As a teenager, he was instantly drawn to the larger-than-life characters and stories.

His work with WWE

He’s been a partner with WWE for a few years and even has his own YouTube show “Canvas 2 Canvas” which he told me was the longest running show on WWE’s channel.

The painting he’s most proud of

Rob’s painted dozens of wrestling-themed works, but he is most proud of one he painted for the family of Connor “The Crusher [2]” Michalek, the young man who inspired Daniel Bryan and the rest of the WWE Universe before passing away after battling cancer.

I bought a painting!

Of course, I couldn’t walk away from his booth without buying something. Flipping through pages of beautiful work prints I stumbled upon my favorite wrestler, the Nature Boy Ric Flair [3].

I noted the similarities to Charlotte’s peacock-festooned robe from Wrestlemania Orlando.

Image result for charlotte flair peacock

I asked Rob if this was on purpose. He chuckled and said it was a total coincidence. The WWE Archivist had asked him to do the painting, not knowing the Charlotte planned to rock a similar outfit at Mania.

Rob was a very cool guy. He seemed humble in his success. He has a real heart for wrestling and is a big fan. I loved getting to chat with him and see some of his beautiful artwork up close and personal!