As we wind down 2017, we will be looking back at the 20 best (and worst) moments of the year in the wrestling world. Number 20 is the EPIC teleconference from the legend Scott Steiner.

To promote Impact Wrestling’s big annual PPV, Slammiversary returned icon Scott Steiner held a press teleconference with the wrestling media. What followed was classic Scott Steiner takes and opinions. Per usual, The Big Bad Booty Daddy didn’t hold anything back and was more than willing to bury past opponents and employers. Steiner was asked a wide variety of questions, and he answered with his classic gusto.

His thoughts on being left on hold while the press conference waited to start:

Asked about entering the WWE Hall of Fame:

How he feels about former TNA owner Dixie Carter:

His most Memorable Match:

On Waffle House and Shoney’s:

On Hulk Hogan:

On Political Correctness:

On The Undertaker:

What he thinks of current wrestlers in WWE:

His thoughts on a controversial pizza topping:

And On Triple H:

Here is full audio of the press conference:

Scott Steiner is a treasure to the wrestling world. He’s an icon for what he’s said out of the ring just as much as he is one for what he’s done in the ring.

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Just check out this video, Scott Steiner is funny, obscene, over-the-top. Everything that makes wrestling a spectacle.

Are you a Scott Steiner fan? Will you be watching Slammiversary? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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