Teen threw old woman in pool

Everyone does crazy things when they’re a kid. But there’s a difference between childish stunts and hurting an old person.

That’s exactly what this thug did. There was a party going on at a house with a pool. Loud music was being played. A woman who lived close by came over to ask the kids to turn down their music. The kids responded by taunting her, yelling at her, and then proceeding to throw her into the pool. And get this: The idiot thug who threw her in the water actually dropped her head on the concrete first.

Watch this:

Here is another video of the disgusting incident:

As you can see, the dog was almost thrown in as well. What’s worse is you hear female voices saying, “Throw her in!”

Who raised these kids? This woman is 68-years-old and very well may be somebody’s grandmother. Thankfully, the kid came to his senses and turned himself in.

The Miami Herald reports:

“A 16-year-old who threw a 68-year-old woman into a pool after she tried to control an unauthorized party showed up at a Broward Sheriff’s Office station early Monday evening to face a charge of battery on an elderly person, according to BSO.”

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