Summer Rae Cleared for Wrestling After Injury Absence

Is Summer Rae back? Yes! After a long absence after injuries to her neck and back, the blonde bombshell will return to the squared circle.

Summer Rae has been out with injury for a long time, so I was surprised to learn that she is cleared to wrestle at the moment. Unfortunately, WWE creative has no idea what to do with her.

No Room Creatively

Summer Rae has been gone for a while, which is no surprise considering the extent of her injuries. According to Dave Meltzer, Summer Rae is more than ready to make her return, but the WWE is holding off due to a lack of space for another female wrestler on the main roster.

I cannot say I am surprised about this development. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Summer Rae as one of the female wrestlers that could fall victim to the WWE’s spring cleaning. Summer Rae has not made an impact on the female wrestling scene within the WWE, even though I believe she is capable of so much more than she has been allowed to show us.

RAW or SmackDown

Another question many people have is which brand Summer Rae will go to. I do not believe that she will go to RAW, mainly because of the strong roster this brand has already. Of course, with Emma’s injury, she could be taken her spot on the roster instead.

In my opinion, I would love to see Summer Rae on SmackDown. The history between herself and Natalya could be a great story angle. Plus, the current roster at SmackDown could give her the ability to develop her character and start standing out from the rest of the roster. She has the skills and the presence, but she did not get the opportunity yet.

Even though the WWE is doubting where to place Summer Rae, she is currently listed on the RAW roster. If they decide to keep her there, she could switch things up with matches against Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

**UPDATE** Summer’s return just got a big boost, she’s featured in this year’s Maxim 100

Opponents I Would Like to See

Summer Rae can do a lot in the ring, even though we did not get the opportunity to see it. So, here are my picks for Summer Rae’s opponents when she makes her return.

Alexa Bliss

Summer Rae versus Alexa Bliss is first on my list because this match has ‘incredible’ written all over it. Of course, it will be difficult to get two heel characters to face each other, so maybe Summer could turn face for this one.

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks needs a good rivalry to light a fire underneath her character again. I think some matches and a good rivalry with Summer Rae can do just that, especially if Summer pulls out her heel persona flawlessly!

Which Matches Would You Suggest for Summer Rae?

There are many possibilities for Summer Rae, even though WWE creative is not seeing it at the moment. Fortunately, WWE creative can count on our creative ideas too!

Which opponents would you suggest for Summer Rae? Where would you place Summer Rae, SmackDown, or Raw? Let us know in the comment section below!

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