How to Save Money at Disney World

If you have a visit to Disney World planned, then you might want to read the following article! Below, you will find some helpful tips on how to save money when you visit the happiest place on earth. So, if you wish to return with some extra cash in your pocket, here is how to do it!

Make Your Plans Well In Advance!

One way to save money on your Disney World trip is planning your vacation well in advance, because there are deals to be taken advantage on when you plan early!

Ticket prices closer to the date you intend to visit the park will be up, so you can avoid these extra fees by booking early. There is also such a thing as seasonal prices, which means a visit during a certain time of year may be more expensive or cheaper.

Seasonal prices apply to entrance tickets, but they also apply to the Disney hotels. So, if you want to save some money on your hotel booking too, you might want to consider visiting the park off-season.

Get a Travel Agent

Not many people are aware that they can hire a travel agent to book their visit to Disney World. When you think about a travel agent, you often think about trips abroad. However, you can use them for trips within the U.S. too.

Using a travel agent to book your trip to Disney World won’t cost you a thing, because Disney actually pays the travel agent for the booking; this includes agencies such as Small World Vacations and Mouse Fan Travel. In addition to that, travel agents could have  some special deals available; this could save you money once again!

Get Accommodation Outside Disney World

Getting accommodation on the Disney grounds may be more convenient at first glance, but it could be the more expensive option. Therefore, you could save some money by renting a vacation home or condo nearby.

When you decide to rent a vacation home or a condo when heading to Disney World, you can also expand some other holiday activities than Disney World (in case you only want to spend a day there).

Now, booking accommodation is also about the right timing.  When you book your vacation home at the right time, you could even get something as fancy as four bedrooms and a private pool. Of course, while this normally would cost anything between $200 – $300 a night, booking at the right time could reduce the price to a low $60 a night!

Multi-Day Ticket

Buying a single day ticket for Disney World might give you less value than a multi-day ticket. When buying a single ticket, you usually pay something around $105. However, if you stay a little longer at the happiest place on earth, you could be paying $74 a day over for a total of 5 days. You can go even cheaper by choosing the 10-day ticket too.

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A trip to Disney World does not have to leave you with a broken bank account, because there are many smart ways to save money. Use one or multiple of our tips above to save some cash on your Disney World visit!

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