Sandra’s Take On PayBack 2017

Okay, I have loads of things to write about today – so I hope you are all sitting down and comfortable! Payback was overall better than I expected, but there were some serious issues that left a sour taste in my mouth. So, get ready and read my take on Payback 2017!

First Half of the PPV

KO & Chris Jericho

Surprisingly, until the House of Horrors with Bray and Orton hit, this was not a bad PPV. Quite the opposite, because the matches put on by KO, Cass, Enzo, Austin Aries, Chris Jericho, Neville, Gallows & Anderson, Alexa Bliss, the Hardy Boys etc were enticing and wonderful.

One surprise was the heel turn of Cesaro and Sheamus, which I didn’t understand. They tried so hard to get Sheamus over with the crowd, yet turned him back heel at the PPV? Still, I’m intrigued and interested, so maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea?

House of Horrors Energy Drain!

Payback House of Horrors Match

I was intrigued by the House of Horrors and couldn’t wait for a scary and frightening wrestling experience. When Orton got out of the limousine, it looked promising. Until he entered the house! The lighting was far from scary and Bray Wyatt looked weak. If you are advertising Bray Wyatt as the “Eater of Worlds”, why do you make him look weak at every opportunity?

Wyatt also got the win with the help of the Singh Brothers and Jinder Mahal, which is more reminiscent of a “Miz” assisted win. I honestly felt drained after watching this and had little interest in the rest of the PPV.

PPV Audience – “You Deserve It”

Roman Reigns & Braun Stroman

The thing that really upset me and left a bad taste in my mouth afterward were the “You deserve it” chants as Roman Reigns was left bleeding and taken off by Paramedics. Even if the bleeding was fake (which I don’t have confirmation of yet), the man just lost his brother and was beaten up, so do you really have to shout that? There is such a thing as common decency, and the people in the back did not seem to have that. Another example of group mentality and desensitization.

“You deserve it” chants seemed to be coming from the back of the arena. When you looked at the first couple of rows at ringside, you could see the shock on people’s faces. This includes the faces of my favorite people at Going in RAW – Steve and Larson – who had a wonderful spot in the front rows.

My Verdict – 6/10

WWE Payback

I’ve given this PPV a 6/10, because the matches in the beginning, which includes the women’s match, has saved this PPV. The House of Horrors match took the life out of me and the treatment of Roman Reigns at the end left a bad taste in my mouth, even though I am no fan of Roman Reigns.

How did you perceive the PPV? 45-50% of people seemed to enjoy the House of Horrors, so I would love to read your take on the PPV. Even though I believe it was better than what most people thought it would be, there are many things open to discussion!

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