Never insult your boss’s spouse is a good rule to live by. But nobody taught that to this grocery clerk!

He Implied His Boss’s Wife Was Ugly, But He Saved Himself By Saying This!

Here is a story about a new clerk in a supermarket.

A customer asked him if she could buy half a grapefruit. Not knowing what to do, he excused himself to ask the manager.

“Some nut out there wants to buy half a grapefruit…” he began, and, suddenly realizing that the customer had entered the office behind him, continued, ” … and this lovely lady would like to buy the other half.”

The manager was impressed with the way the clerk amicably resolved the problem and they later started chatting. “Where are you from?” asked the store manager.

“Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” replied the clerk, “home of ugly women and great hockey teams.”

“Oh, my *WIFE* is from Lancaster,” challenged the manager.

Without skipping a beat, the clerk asked, “What team was she on?”

Now that’s what I call quick thinking!

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