Chicago is getting two WWE specials this weekend, as both NXT Takeover Chicago and Backlash will take place at the Allstate Arena. We will have a preview of the Smackdown Live exclusive Backlash later on.

NXT Takeover Chicago continues the streak of NXT special coming the day before major WWE pay-per-views. Every match is intriguing and holds its own special story.

Our preview and predictions for NXT Takeover Chicago

NXT Takeover Chicago

Drew McIntyre vs. Wesley Blake

The Chosen one has returned to WWE. McIntyre has rebuilt his brand and his fire for wrestling the last three years on the independent scene. He has stated his desire to compete for the NXT title. Wesley Blake is a man without a feud and a tag partner.

Prediction: McIntyre runs through Blake on his way to either Roode or Itami

Tyler Bate(c) vs. Pete Dunne for the UK Championship

The debut of the UK match on a full-blown WWE special follows Friday’s debut of the UK-focused Network show. While Bate has had good outings as champion, the focus is clearly on Dunne. His “screw you I’m getting mine” attitude has earned the ire of William Regal.

Triple H seems to have found a protege in a guy who will do what it takes to win.

Prediction: Pete Dunne cheats and bashes his way to the title.

The Authors of Pain vs. DIY for the Tag Title

It will be an NXT first tag-team ladder match. Scrappy Gargano and Ciampa look to even the odds against the monstrous Akam and Rezar. DIY came close to dethroning AoP last time out, only to be screwed by a greedy Revival squad. Adding to the intrigue, a pop star recently revealed that she recorded a new theme for Gargano. It is possible the two might split after this.

Prediction: AoP retains, DIY separate. 

Asuka (c) vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross for the Women’s Title

No one has been able to defeat Asuka. Not only has she won every match, but she’s dominated them. This will be the 2nd multi-way match for her title. These formats allow a champion to lose without getting pinned. Riot and Cross have been warring since Wrestlemania weekend and either could take the title by pinning the other.

Prediction: Riot or Cross win by pinning each other, Asuka takes her undefeated streak to Raw or Smackdown

Bobby Roode vs. Hideo Itami

The main event feels like an afterthought but it has massive implications. Roode’s “Glorious” character is one of the hottest gimmicks in WWE at the moment, Itami has been sidelined by injuries and is getting a title shot he deserved years ago.

What is most intriguing though is that Itami will bring the move he invented, the Go 2 Sleep…

Image result for Go 2 sleep kENTA

…to the town where it was made famous by CM Punk.

This is the opportunity for Hideo to fully reclaim HIS move.

Let’s just hope Chicago doesn’t ruin it with dumb CM Punk chants.

Prediction: Itami wins with a Go 2 Sleep and the crowd goes crazy.

It promises to be a fun show, which match are you looking forward to at NXT Takeover Chicago? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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