Nia Jax Vents Displeasure about not Being on TV Regularly

Even with some of the biggest SmackDown stars being transferred to RAW. Still, SmackDoown is still the superior brand, and even Nia Jax knows it!

Everyone knows that SmackDown is putting on a much better show than RAW. Even with some of the biggest SmackDown stars being transferred to RAW. Still, SmackDoown is still the superior brand, and even Nia Jax knows it!

No Longer Pushed

It has been quite clear over the past couple of weeks that the WWE is no longer pushing Nia Jax. RAW is pushing Alexa Bliss and her title run, so they are focussed on her storylines, leaving most of the ladies roster in the back.

Nia’s Spot-On Comments

Nia posted a “subtle” tweet directed at the RAW creative team and booking. I must admit that I agree wholeheartedly with her.

When Alexa and Micky moved to RAW, I was scared they would be buried. Still, Alexa seems to be incredibly protected on RAW at the moment, while Micky and Nia are being buried in order to protect her. Now, this isn’t right, because each of these women deserves to be in the spotlight.

Positive Role Model

I believe Nia deserves her push now, even though it took me a while to warm up to her. I thought it was too early for her to come to the main roster, she has proven herself worthy of being on the main roster.

What I love about Nia is that she is different from the average female wrestler. She’s curvaceous and powerful, which makes a nice difference from the typical female wrestlers she could snap in half!

Nia is a powerful role model for many women who do not weigh the standard 115-130 pounds. Even though she does not weigh what the average female wrestler weighs, she is stunning and gorgeous.

Other Female Superstars Buried on the RAW Roster

Alexa is the only one who is safe at the moment because other superstars are misused or are not used at all. In addition to Nia, here are some of the other superstars suffering at the hand of RAW creative.

Sasha Banks

Sasha went from champion to promoting 205 Live, which she’ll be doing during the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. So, it seems there is nothing for her to do at the moment.

Dana Brooke

This one does not need much explanation because Dana has been forgotten by almost everyone. Even though there are a million things they could be doing, Dana has been downgraded to jobber status.

Mickie James

Only a couple of months after her SmackDown return, this veteran’s move to RAW has cost her dearly. Even though we see her from time to time, she is not being used in active storylines.

Summer Rae

Summer has been cleared to wrestle for a couple of weeks, yet she has not been used at all. There hasn’t even been a promo to announce her return. Another example of WWE Creative not being up to the task. Summer can do a lot, but she has not been allowed to show us at all!

What do you think about RAW Creative? Is the women’s roster suffering from their decisions? Let us know in the comment section below!

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