Donald and Melania Trump

Liberals are laughing with glee over video of First Lady Melania Trump allegedly swatting away her husband’s hand soon after they landed in Israel.

The left and their stooges in the media think this is proof that President Trump is despised the world over, even by his own wife. They could not be farther from the truth.

Take a look at the video below:

I’m not buying the media’s take on this. The press wants to tear down our president and will look for any excuse to make him look bad. The truth is, the gesture was so quick, nobody knows the truth about it. The media is just making up a nasty rumor to slander Donald Trump.

I think the whole issue is overblown. Melania is a classy lady. She wouldn’t publicly rebuke her husband’s hand. To me, it looked like a casual withdraw. Others are noticing the same thing:

There are other interpretations of the gesture as well:

What do you think? Was Melania slapping her husband’s hand away?

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Source: Daily Mail

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