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Kevin Owens Refuses To Sign Autograph While Walking To The Ring

Recently, the WWE roster wrapped up a two-week tour of Europe [1]. One of the stars on the tour is United States Champion Kevin Owens. Owens [2] is known for his “heel” persona. He often yells at and antagonizes fans. This is the role he is supposed to be playing. If people are booing and angry at him, it means he is doing his job.

However, some fans think Owens crossed the line while walking down the ramp to a match this past week.

Watch how KO reacts when a fan reaches out for an autograph.

Why KO Was Right

While a lot of people are angry about this, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Why Kevin Owens Was Wrong

He overreacted and didn’t need to throw the autograph booklet on the ground away from the fan. Even if he is just playing the bad guy, many people think Kevin Owens went too far.

It is unlikely he is going to be in trouble as this was video shot and sent out on WWE social media. Fans have been voicing their frustration at Owens over his actions:


Some fans embraced it though and loved the Owens bad-guy persona


My Take

In an era when “kayfabe [7]” is dead and the lines of reality and wrestling are constantly blurred, it is refreshing to see a genuine “bad guy” in wrestling. Kevin Owens only plays this character while he’s performing. At autograph signings, he’s a great guy who loves to interact with fans. And if he’s at a show and walking to the ring, don’t be shocked if he plays his character.

But my advice to fans wanting autographs is this: don’t be a jerk. If you see him at the airport or out with his wife and children, leave him be. Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t mean you have the right to bug him when he’s off the clock. You wouldn’t want someone bugging you about your job when you’re out trying to enjoy life, right?

What do you think? Did Kevin Owens go too far or is he just playing the bad guy role well? Share your thoughts.