Everyone knows I like to stick my nose in the private lives of WWE wrestlers (within reason of course). I was quite happy to discover this rumor this week, because it seems like Finn Balor has found love with WWE Announcer Cathy Kelly!

Who Is Cathy Kelly?

Most wrestling fans know Renee Young, but not everyone is familiar with Cathy Kelly. Still, you will probably know her, because she covers a lot of WWE news and highlights on the WWE Network. Does she look familiar?

How Fans Discovered This


The WWE Universe is always watching, which is somewhat unfortunate for WWE superstars who are trying to keep their private life to themselves.

In the case of Finn Balor, he was spotted walking the streets with Cathy Kelly and holding hands with her. Even though the person who took the picture did not manage to capture her face, Cathy posted a picture on her social media account wearing the exact same outfit! Busted!


Has This Been Confirmed Officially?

finn balor cathy kelly

We do need to mention that nothing has been confirmed officially, so this is mostly speculation. Still, if this is true, I think they are the cutest couple ever! So, I’ll keep tabs on this story and hopefully we will get confirmation soon.

My Opinion

finn balor cathy kelly

I honestly think that one picture is very little information to go on. Before the release of this Twitter photograph, there was no talk whatsoever about a possible relationship between the two. So, either these two have managed to keep things under wraps for a long time, or they just started going out together.

Even though it is my job to be curious and report about such things, I do hope if they are dating that the couple can get some privacy. Nothing can ruin a budding relationship as much as tremendous media attention and since Finn is a big star, this might pique the interest of many media outlets.

finn balor cathy kelly

Also, if this story is true and if it does get confirmed, it will do wonders for Cathy Kelly’s career. I’m not saying that she is not a good WWE announcer in her own right, but compared to someone like Renee Young she is still somewhat of an unknown.

Listen, I’m not saying she is a power and money hungry gold digger looking to give her career a boost by dating a major WWE star. Quite the opposite, because if she was she would have made this relationship public a million times over (if it is true that is).


Let’s just wait and see where this story goes. It’s too soon to be saying anything about this, but we still have to report it to ensure you are fully informed about the backstage happenings of the WWE.

What’s your opinion on this possible romance? Do you think Finn and Cathy are dating? If so, could there be consequences for their respective careers and how they are treated by fans individually? (Just think about Renee Young and Dean Ambrose).

Let us know your unsalted opinion below and we will look forward to reading it.

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