Daniel and Amy McArthur

Only liberals could declare a war on cake. The left tried to force a pair of Christian bakers to bend and accept gay marriage. But, after the bakers were dragged to court, they got some delicious revenge when their profits rose following the attack on their religion.

Daniel and Amy McArthur own Asher’s Baking Company in Northern Ireland. They were taken to court when they refused to make a cake for a gay wedding with a gay marriage slogan.

The judge didn’t accept their defense that making this cake would go against their religious beliefs. He ruled against them. The rights of the customer to demand any type of cake trumped their right to practice their religion in their own business.

But, this hasn’t impacted their profits. In fact, business is booming. The couple has seven outlets throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. And their 2016 profits were almost $300,000 higher than the prior year’s.

More information on the court battle can be seen in the video below.

They may have lost in court, but standing up for their rights and principles apparently has been good for their business!

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Source: Christian Post

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