Chrissy Teigen

Trump Derangement Syndrome¬†is crippling Hollywood. Many overpaid left coast liberals can’t properly function knowing that Hillary Clinton isn’t in the White House. Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is the latest one to take her out-of-touch demands public by asking for President Trump to pay for her botox because of the “crippling anxiety” he has caused her.

Teigen made this embarrassing request on Twitter. She is paid millions for photographers to take pictures of her while her husband gets millions for his music. Apparently, they can’t afford her anxiety medication and botox so they want the president to pay for it.

One tweet responding to Teigen’s whining proves how very out of touch she is for wanting her medical bills to be paid by someone else.

We probably shouldn’t expect anything less from this woman. She and her husband John Legend actually chose the sex of their child. Then Teigen felt the need to get approval on the name from President Obama. She is such a leftwing Obama-worshiper that she can’t even choose the name of her kid without approval from him. You can see that video below.


Well, my health insurance premiums have more than doubled because of Obamacare. And my deductible is so high that I can’t really afford to use my insurance! Should I send that bill to Barack Obama? Perhaps I should just send it to Chrissy Teigen!

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Source: Daily Wire

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