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Neil Gorsuch is already making big strides on the Supreme Court. The newest justice made an announcement about the Court’s cert pool that shows his anti-establishment streak that so many were hoping to see.

Gorsuch is opting out of the “cert pool.” The is something most Americans have never heard of but it has a huge impact on our society and laws. It was established in 1973 to help the high court choose which cases to hear.

The problem is that the pool gives this power to a group of law clerks. They, not the justices, weed through all of the appeals. Then they circulate a memo to the justices with their recommendations. The others are kicked to the curb.

Instead of continuing with this, Gorsuch is having his personally picked staff review each petition. This promotes greater accountability and makes it more likely for people to get a fair shot of having their case heard.

You can watch Justice Gorsuch being sworn in by watching the video below.

Justice Samuel Alito also has opted out of the cert pool. Perhaps this will encourage others to follow their lead. We are a country of laws and equal opportunity. Abandoning the cert pool appears to be a good way to help equalize the playing field for these appeals.

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Source: Daily Caller

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