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Batista Returning to the WWE?

I am certainly in a good mood today and one of the reasons is this rumour! Batista [1]has been making statements recently, stating he would like to return to the WWE! Finally, someone who can show Lesnar how it is done!

Batista’s Desire to Return

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7_OMNqgTu0 [2]

Batista is certainly willing to return, but the ball lies with the WWE at the moment. He has made numerous statements about a possible return, including on a Podcasts with Chris Jericho [3] last week. However, he was not shy about his issues with the company either. These were some of the statements he made:

‘There’s nothing like it, you know that. There’s just an adrenaline rush that goes along with it. What I don’t miss is the company, to be honest with you.

I don’t miss WWE. I miss wrestling, I just don’t miss dealing with the company and its bullshit. Yeah it’s the bullshit man, it’s just too much bullshit.’

What I Want to See: Batista Vs. Lesnar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mQxtckcoeo [4]

Everyone knows I’m sick and tired of paper champion Lesnar [5], so if Batista is serious about coming back and making it his retirement, I want him to take the title from Lesnar. I only want one thing, Batista defending that title within 30 days.

Batista [6]has stated that he would love to do something with Triple H; this could be an option if Hunter wants to take the title for himself again. It could be the retirement match Batista has dreamed off and the perfect way to end the excuse of a championship reign Lesnar has at this point.

WWE Not Interested at This Time?

According to recent statements made by multiple sources, it seems like the WWE [7]has little interest in a Batista return at the moment. Of course, they could be throwing us off and actually have some interest in him.

Still, I believe I’m just doing wishful thinking at the moment, because Batista is not known to play the corporate game and actually dislikes it. He’s always been quite straightforward with his fan base, especially recently. Batista used to have a bad reputation when it came to fan interaction, but in recent years things seem to have changed for him. The same seemed to have happened to Shawn Michaels, who took a serious U-turn from his old attitude.

How We Can Make It Happen!

We all know that the WWE changes its mind at the drop of a hat, so by supporting the Batista return, out strong opinions could actually have an influence on the decision of the WWE.

If you want to voice your opinion like I have, use the hashtag #wweuniverse to voice your support for Batista. You could also include @tripleH and @davebautista in your tweet, so you make sure your voice is heard!

If Batista defends his title within 30 days and takes the title from Lesnar, leading to a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania, could you look forward to Batista as your new champ? Voice your opinion in our comment section below and let your voice be heard!