Working Remotely Becoming More Popular – These 125 Places Are Hiring Almost Exclusively For At Home Jobs

Since many things can be done digitally, it is no surprise that many people end up working for major companies from home. Companies such as Blossom, Chef, Codebusters, DataStax and others are all employing people who can work from the convenience of their home.  The entire list is below.

How can this new trend be explained? Let us take a look at what enables companies to have employees to work remotely, and if you could be part of that!

Tech-Focused World

One of the major reasons for employers to offer work remotely is the many advancements that have been made in cloud services and videoconferencing technologies. These programs enable companies to become more virtual, saving a lot in transport and commute at the same time.

Sites Created for Remote Jobs

Many Americans would love to have the convenience of working from home, since it enables them to spend more time with family. Because of this, sites such as FlexJobs have become quite popular. FlexJobs is a website that offer Americans access to freelance jobs, part-time jobs, flexible schedule jobs and more, which can all be done remotely. So, if you are considering changing jobs, this site might be worth considering if you want to work from home.

Number of Virtual Companies Increases

Working remotely is not just another trend, because more companies are jumping on this bandwagon daily. Companies can get benefit from hiring remote employees as well, which could explain why the number of virtual companies has increased dramatically over the past couple of years.

The list of virtual companies only contained 26 companies in 2014. However, the list grew quickly, leading to a total of 76 companies on the virtual companies list in 2015. Then, in 2016, the list grew even bigger with a total of 125 companies.

According to statistics, telecommuting in the U.S. has increased dramatically over the past decade. Telecommuting has increased by a whopping 103%; this certainly indicated that the trend will only grow in the future, with experts claiming approximately 50% of Americans will work remotely in 2020.

The Benefits of Working Remotely

The benefits of working remotely are clear for employees, but employers might need an extra push to put their business in the virtual world. According to Adam Schwartz, the owner and CEO of Articulate, stated that working remotely enables more productivity and employee engagement. He also stated that a distributed environment isn’t good for employees, saying that the engagement found in virtual companies is what makes them successful.

The claim that working remotely increases productivity seems to be supported by more than two-thirds of virtual companies, who reported that taking their company virtual increased their productivity.


If you are forced to find a new job, it might be a good idea to find work remotely. Considering the current statistics about virtual companies, it is likely that jobs will be more secure in the online world. Of course, the benefits for your family life cannot be ignored either!

Since more companies are starting to see the benefit of putting their company in the virtual world, more opportunities for experienced employers could arrive in the coming years. In short, keeping an eye out for online opportunities might pay dividend!

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