Ever since I heard Lana will be a women’s wrestler on SmackDown, I have been so excited. Since she appeared in Total Divas, she has genuinely captured my interest and my admiration. So, the news that she is coming to SmackDown soon is something I’m thrilled about. The only question is: What will Lana bring to SmackDown?

Lana’s Gimmick

The promos for her arrival at SmackDown certainly have me intrigued. I remember her working on her entrance during an episode of Total Divas, where she drove Nattie positively mad! Still, her dedication to be perfect and bring something amazing to the fans has to be admired!



Lana has finally debuted on Smackdown Live and is demanding to be put into the Money in the Bank Match:

the ladies of Smackdown were less than impressed:


After Lana was not given her shot, she stormed off in a huff.

Criticism from Cageside Seats


Not everyone is as excited as me to see Lana enter the ring. (Boo!) Cageside Seats recently featured her in an article, saying they hoped her wrestling was better than her dance. Ouch!


I’m a big Lana fan, but I agree with some points our colleagues at Cageside Seats have made including the soft focus, the color scheme, music, and the costume. However, I don’t agree with the claim that she can’t dance. As an ex-dancer myself, I recognize choreography and skill. I believe her promo was edited badly and her dance wasn’t portrayed as it should have been. There were moments where you could see her enticing the audience with the chair, just as a burlesque dancer should, only to be forwarded to another unrelated bit of her choreography. So, I blame the production crew!


Aside from the poor production of her dance, you have to admit it has people talking! I’m certainly curious about what she’s going to bring.

Being Her Own Entity


Based on her latest tweets (yes, I’m a devoted Lana follower on Twitter and proud of it!), it seems like she will go with the Ravishing Russian gimmick. A good choice, since this is already known by the crowd.

However, it does seem like she will step away from her hubby Rusev to become her own entity. Lana has quite the presence, so I’m sure she can pull this off.


When she was featured on Total Divas, I did notice Lana struggles with a lot of insecurities, despite how amazing she looks and the skills she already has at her disposal. More than anything else, Lana wants to do good. Knowing her, she is probably extremely nervous for her debut. I’m encouraging everyone to stand behind her as she makes her debut on SmackDown. She wants to entertain us and do it well, so giving her a chance to do that should be our priority!

My Predictions

Lana & Nattie

I believe Lana will do very well as her own entity. Her feature in Total Divas will certainly help her acquire a female fan base as well, since most of her fans were male before then. I have to admit, I liked her before her Total Divas appearance. She did a lot to make Rusev stand out from other wrestlers. I can’t wait to see what she will do on her own!

Your thoughts about Lana?


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