anti Trump protestor Berkeley

Berkeley appears to be ground zero in the fight against free speech. When people came out Thursday to support Ann Coulter after the university cancelled her speech, liberals came out to attack them.

These liberals can’t handle the fact that other people have a differing opinion, so they try to threaten and shut up conservative voices. Police had a strong presence on campus to help prevent liberals from causing more violence and rioting. That didn’t prevent some from threatening to silence conservatives.

The man in the video below doesn’t seem to care that police or cameras are around. He still threatened Trump and Coulter supporters.

The raw video below shows the two sides clashing. One Coulter supporter reminds the protestor that even Bernie Sanders told them to knock off their assault on the First Amendment.

Gavin McInnes who took Ann Coulter’s place and read her speech at the University reported that Antifa showed up and began throwing “shit at us.”

Listen to Ann’s speech read by Gavin McInnes:

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Source: Breaking 911

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