Donald Trump salute

Donald Trump clearly is grateful for those Americans who put on a uniform to serve our country. He salutes them on a regular basis and he treats them with respect. And the commanding officers of the USS Porter and USS Ross were thrilled to get a call from the president thanking them for firing 59 Tomahawk missiles at Syria last week.

Trump called Cmdr. Russell Caldwell of the USS Ross and Cmdr. Andria Slough of the USS Porter “for their professionalism and quick response.” The Navy tweeted out pictures of the officers speaking to the President.

President Trump then tweeted out a thanks to the Navy for the successful mission.

Trump made the phone calls on Air Force One.

You can see video of the Tomahawk missiles being launched from the USS Ross and the USS Porter in the video below.

Trump’s respect for our troops is a big departure from that of Barack Obama’s, who appeared to be more concerned with the likes of Al Sharpton or Michael Brown. He would routinely run past those serving in our military without even so much as greeting them.


Members of our military put their lives on hold and on the line for our freedoms. They deserve all of our respect and appreciation! Share this if you support our troops!

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