Terra Virgin

You’ve heard the old saying, “don’t drink and drive.” Well, someone took that too literally.

Freedom High School math teacher Terra Virgin of Florida was arrested and charged for having her boyfriend’s 14-year-old son drive her to get waffles because “she was too drunk to drive.”

Virgin’s charges include child neglect and allowing a minor to operate a vehicle, which is against the law if unauthorized.

From the NY Post:

“You can see perhaps what the thought process was,” Tampa Police Officer Steve Hegarty told WLFA. “Apparently, she had been doing some drinking, decided she wanted to go to Waffle House. Thought wisely that she was not in any kind of shape to drive, but getting a 14-year-old, who doesn’t have a license to drive, is not a good idea.”

She was released Monday afternoon from jail on $2,250 bail.

You can see more of her idiocy below:

I have a few questions for Virgin. First, why are you a teacher when you clearly don’t know how to take care of kids? Second, are you that irresponsible that you don’t have the ingredients to make waffles at home? Why couldn’t you eat something else?

And third, you think it might be a good idea to lay off the sauce going forward?

It seems as if Virgin pressured the young kid to commit the crime. That’s going to make for a whole mess of trouble. Pray for this family because they are about to go through the worst days of their lives.

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