Supercard of Honor, Ring of Honor’s annual Mania weekend show is on Saturday night at 6 pm. The show is being headlined by the Hardys and the Young Bucks in a ladder match for the Tag Titles.

It promises to be crazy and amazing. The Hardys invented the tag team ladder match, and the Young Bucks are the hottest team on the indies, maybe the hottest tag team in all of wrestling. There will be spots and outrageous moment galore. However, the rest of the card has matches that deserve love, too.

Don’t sleep on these:

  • Bullrope Match Jay Lethal vs. Cody: Cody Rhodes has been tearing it up on the indies. He is all over the place and seems to be in a marquee match-up every weekend. Cody wrestling one of ROH’s best in a match invented by Dusty seems like a stroke of genius. Modern-day rope & chain matches rarely work out, but I have faith that these two are old-school enough to make an old gimmick new again.

  • Will Ospreay & Volador Jr. vs. Dragon Lee & Jay White: I know what you’re thinking “Flippy stuff,” but while everyone knows about Will Ospreay, the other three aren’t slouches.

  • Dragon Lee is probably the hottest up-and-coming highflyer out there, and Volador Jr. and Jay White are both seasoned and will put on a great show. Expect crazy spots and Dragon Lee making you wince with his beautiful recklessness.

  • Marty Scurll vs. Adam Cole for the TV title: Two of the best wrestlers on the earth are squaring off in a match that would main event any other show. Cole is supposedly heading towards WWE soon, and Scurll is blossoming as a huge star on the indies. Not only will this match be a technical marvel, but I suspect both will use a few comedy elements as well.

Are you watching Supercard of Honor? Share your thoughts and predictions.

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