Steve Harvey isn’t afraid to show his emotions. On his show “Little Big Shots,” he encountered a family of such talented fiddlers that the excitement was all over his face!

The MacMaster-Leahy kids were born to fiddle. Both of their parents, Donnell Leahy and Natalie MacMaster, are well-known fiddlers. In addition to playing the violin, these four siblings step dance as well. They are home-schooled so they can travel on tour with their parents when they aren’t at home on their farm.

In this performance, the kids start off their Celtic performance by fiddling. Then one by one, they start step dancing. It’s really rather amazing to watch. And there is a treat at the end when an even younger sibling joins them.

You can see this amazing performance and Steve’s reaction in the video below. Steve was all smiles!

They must have started fiddling and dancing about the same time they started walking! What tremendous talent. They have an even younger sister who will likely be joining their Celtic band when she is a little older. Watch out for these kids!

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Source: Country Rebel

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