Ric Flair is a man with lots of stories. Now, he has another story to add to his collection, because the WWE Hall of Famer was kicked out of a Fort Wayne Bar on Sunday night. Ouch!

Acting Like a Moron

Ric Flair’s attitude has gotten him in trouble in the past, so the latest antics of the wrestling legend certainly don’t come as a surprise.

The incident basically revolves around Flair being rude to the bar staff, which led to him being tossed out. Even though we don’t know if he was provoked, the bar staff didn’t seem to be familiar with the wrestling legend and saw him as just an unruly customer.

Flair reportedly made some rude statements toward the bartender. Those included gems such as “You don’t know who I am,” “I’ll have you out of a job,” and “Lose some weight, don’t give me that shit.”

Even though it’s not the first time Flair has been associated with rude behavior, it certainly doesn’t do him any favors to have another incident to his name.

Other Ric Flair Incidents

Rick Flair

Another incident took place in Boston Airport in 2016, where the WWE Hall of Famer was treated for a cut on his hand.

While a cut on the hand does not seem like a big deal, Flair’s behavior certainly was according to some witnesses. One witness described Flair as loud and obnoxious, while another witness said he looked like he had a tough time and was shambling about it.

Even though many witnesses stated that Flair appeared drunk, Sgt. Donlon stated that Flair was deemed not drunk and allowed to get on his flight.

Ric and His Wife

There was also an incident between Ric Flair and his wife several years ago. According to police, the Flair was assaulted by his wife. His wife, Jacqueline Bains Beems, was arrested and charged with assault.

Rick Flair

Flair and a Motorist

In 2005, Ric Flair was also charged for an assault incident that took place on the 485 Interstate in South Charlotte. The Hall of Famer reportedly grabbed another motorist by the neck.

The altercation started when the other motorist noticed Flair driving behind him and flashing his lights. The motorist hit his breaks and Flair pulled alongside him. According to the other motorist, Flair left his vehicle and grabbed him by the neck. He also damaged the car of the other motorist. Later, the police stated that two warrants were out for Flair’s arrest, one for assault and one for damage to personal property.

Before the recent altercations, Ric Flair also lived through the so-called rock-star lifestyle of famous wrestlers. Thus, it is no surprise that he has been associated with drugs and alcohol abuse. Still, many people believed that Flair had left these troubles behind him. The recent incident at the bar certainly seems to indicate otherwise.

What’s your view on Ric Flair’s recent escapade? Do you believe the legend should be held accountable?

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