How He Raised His Credit Score from 546 to 720 in 4 Months

To get some insight into credit score and how to raise a credit score, we often look at experiences from people who have actually been through a poor credit score and were able to increase it. One story on Reddit provided some interesting tips on how to raise his credit score from the 540s to the 720s in 4 months. So, if you find yourself in such a situation at the moment, be sure to read the overview of tips and hints below!

Credit Karma

Getting yourself out of a poor credit score without any additional tools is difficult, which is one of the reasons why you should obtain an app such as Credit Karma. With Credit Karma, you can acquire a free credit score, as well as tips on how to improve it!

Create an Overview of Delinquent and/or Collection Accounts

While sticking your head in the sand is easier, getting your credit score up is only possible by having an accurate overview of the problem. Once you have an overview with each delinquent and/or collection account, be sure to call each one and check if they follow the Fair Credit Act Law. If they cannot prove they follow this law, you can effectively remove them from your credit report.

Get the Capital One Secured Credit Card

Having a poor credit rating can affect your ability to obtain a credit card, but you can get the Capital One Secured Credit Card; this is a so-called secured card. When you get a secure card, you can pay them $100 for a card with a $100 limit. Then, you can put $20 on your card each month to pay it off completely.

Negotiate Debt

Even if you were able to remove some companies of your delinquent and/or collections account, chances are that there are many left. For the companies who are left, you will have to negotiate your debt. Make it clear you don’t have the money to clear the debt right away, but that you are willing to pay a certain amount right now. In most cases, this is about 50% of your debt. In most cases, your offer will be accepted and the debt collector will be removed off the list.

Pay Off Accounts When Possible

Boosting your credit score is also about settling your debt, so making sure you are paying off your debt gradually is recommended. If you are struggling to do so at the moment, it is best to create an overview of your finances, a budget and check how much you can spend on repayments. When doing this, don’t forget to consider other factors such as unforeseen expenses.


Most people can fix their credit score by using common sense and tricks of the trade. Unfortunately, some people are facing a towering depth they cannot see a way out of. If this is the case for you, it might be best to get some professional advice and or a financial advisor. Getting a professional to work on your case might be another investment you’ll need to do, but it could fix that credit score and put you back on the right financial track.

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