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Pepsi is facing major backlash and they can blame Kendall Jenner for it. The soft drink giant released an ad featuring the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star that has massively backfired and done damage to the brand.

You might think the nearly three-minute-long ad is a waste of your time, but it’s so cringe-worthy that it’s worth it! Pepsi attempted to make an ad that appealed to liberal social justice warriors but all they did was infuriate them while making the rest of us laugh!

Set in the middle of a protest that looks like a party, Kendall breaks through the crowd after grabbing a Pepsi from a tub of ice that appears to have been set out for the “protesters.” Kendall then hands the Pepsi to a police officer.

You can see the ad in the video below. The only way to make it funnier is to drink a Coke while watching it!

UPDATE – Pepsi has taken the video down, but the following YouTube account has the original footage with altered music.

This is perhaps the most mockable ad I have ever seen! The SJWs that Pepsi tried to appeal to are furious with the company while the rest of us are laughing.

Pepsi is dealing with a serious public relations issue right now. They are taking a beating on Twitter.

Now, compare that absurd ad with a Coke ad in the video below that appeals to almost everyone. The ad below has the Hulk and Ant-Man battling for a mini coke. It’s hard for even the most easily offended person to be offended by this ad as it’s entertaining.

Which ad do you like best? The Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad or the Hulk Coke ad? You can vote in the poll below.

It’ll be interesting to see how Pepsi responds. They will need to walk a tight line on this. If they cave to the upset Black Lives Matter leaders and release a BLM ad, they will just further divide their customer base.

Word to the wise, stay away from politics in your commercials, Pepsi!

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