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The press will use anything to try to paint Donald Trump in a bad light. But, their recent attempt to make it look like he was stonewalled by the New England Patriots just blew up in their faces.

The president had the Super Bowl champions to the White House on Wednesday. While it appeared that the event was very successful, the New York Times used a photo to make it appear that the Patriots didn’t want to be there.

The New York Times jumped out with a tweet comparing photos with a 2015 visit to the Obama White House.

But, the Times’ bias was quickly revealed by none other than the New England Patriots, who pointed out that staff were shown in the 2015 picture, but were not in the photo the Times used from Wednesday. The Patriots exposed the New York Times’ “fake news.”

You can see raw video of Wednesday’s White House Super Bowl event below.


The Times tried to take cover, but the damage had already been done. Their bias and promotion of fake news was exposed.

Even President Trump pointed it out! When will the media learn their manipulation of facts will no longer be tolerated?

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Source: Sports Illustrated

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